making an SUV accessible to small people
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making an SUV accessible to small people

I had to buy a bigger vehicle to fit all of my kids in comfortably. When I was looking for a new vehicle, I knew that I had to get something that sits higher off the ground than a van, but knew that it would be difficult for myself and my younger children to get up into. I narrowed my list of potential vehicles down to three and started looking for accessories that I could use to make it possible for all of us to get in easily. Visit my blog to find out what we have done to our new SUV to make it more accessible and comfortable for the entire family.

making an SUV accessible to small people

Selling To A Used Car Buyer? 3 Easy Tricks To Get More Cash Out Of Your Old Car

Ellen Sakala

If you plan to sell your old car to a used car buyer, you may want to get as much cash back for it as you can. But if your car has mechanical problems or a dirty interior and exterior, you may not receive the amount you want. Used car buyers will pay more for your vehicle if it runs and looks clean inside and out. Here are three easy tricks to help you get the most cash out of your older model car.

Clean the Interior

If your car has a presentable and fresh-smelling interior, your car buyer may give you more for it than you expect. Most car buyers don't want to purchase vehicles that require a lot of cleanup work to resell. It costs them more money in the end.

You may wish to freshen up your cloth seats and floorboards with fabric cleaner. There are cheap products you can buy that will remove dirt and odor fast.

In addition, wiping down the dashboard and other areas that have vinyl or leather may improve the interior's appearance, especially if these areas are faded or discolored. You can use a damp sponge to do the job, but using vinyl cleaner is the most effective way to revitalize a faded or discolored dashboard.

Finally, use a handheld vacuum to get rid of leaves, loose dirt and food crumbs from between the seats and on the floors. You can also clean out the car's cup holders and door frame pockets to remove coffee, soda or other types of sticky residue They can attract bugs and stuck-on dust that may reduce your vehicle's selling price.

After you tackle the inside of the car, you can take care of the exterior.

Wash the Exterior

Giving your old car a simple wash at home can improve your chances of getting a better selling price. You don't need to scrub or wax the car to accomplish the job. But if you notice rust on the metal parts of the car, you may want to use a small scrubbing brush to remove it. 

Also, pay attention to the car's tires. If they look dirty, use a garden hose to spray away the debris. If possible, fill the tires up with air if they appear low or deflated. Some car buyers drive the car right off your property once they hand over the cash for it.

Fix Minor Mechanical Problems

If your older model car has many mechanical problems, try to repair some of the most minor issues before your buyer arrives. The buyer will crank up the vehicle to listen to its motor, and to look for problems in the transmission, brake system and radiator. Issues that cause the car to overheat, stall out or smoke immediately after starting it up isn't something you want the buyer to see.

It's a good idea to add coolant or water to the radiator to keep it from overheating. Also, check the radiator for loose or disconnected hoses. The hoses feed coolant and water to the engine, which can overheat without them. Reconnect and secure any loose hoses you find with the proper clamps, couplings and sealants.

The last thing you want to do is examine the fluids in the reservoirs for your transmission and brakes. Low fluid in any of these systems can affect how the car shifts gears, takes off, stops, or sounds. The fluids lubricate the smaller parts inside the transmission and brake system. Without them, the parts dry up and rust.

If possible, remove any old fluids from the car and replace them with fresh products. It may help improve the vehicle's performance during the test drive.

You can get the most cash for your old car when you know what to do. If you have questions about the car-buying process or need additional tips, contact a local car buyer like U Pick U Save.