making an SUV accessible to small people
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making an SUV accessible to small people

I had to buy a bigger vehicle to fit all of my kids in comfortably. When I was looking for a new vehicle, I knew that I had to get something that sits higher off the ground than a van, but knew that it would be difficult for myself and my younger children to get up into. I narrowed my list of potential vehicles down to three and started looking for accessories that I could use to make it possible for all of us to get in easily. Visit my blog to find out what we have done to our new SUV to make it more accessible and comfortable for the entire family.

making an SUV accessible to small people

  • Finding The Right Handicap Van For Your Transportation Needs

    10 August 2018

    Finding a van that will accommodate you if you have a disability is important. A van that is labeled a handicap van but does not have specific modifications is nothing more than a van with a large price tag. You need to make sure you get what you need to make the van a good fit and value for you and your family. Vans For People In Wheelchairs One reason to get a van is if you or a family member is in a wheelchair.

  • 3 Reasons To Invest In A Roadside Assistance Plan

    5 November 2017

    One of the best things that you can invest in if you drive a lot for work or if you enjoy going on a lot of trips in your car is a roadside assistance plan, typically because this can help you avoid being stuck in the middle of nowhere if your car should happen to fail unexpectedly. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to invest in a roadside assistance plan:

  • Four Scenarios Where You May Need An Oversized Vehicle Permit

    24 June 2017

    Oversized vehicle permits serve very specific purposes. If you are told that you need such a permit, it means that your commercial vehicle cannot operate on the roadways without it. If you or your drivers are caught without such a permit, the fines are quite astronomical. Here are some scenarios where you may need the permit: The Load You Are Hauling Exceeds D.O.T. Weight Restrictions Every state's Department of Transportation sets its own weight restrictions for commercial trucking and large vehicles.

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    4 June 2015

    Are you a woman who is considering becoming the owner of your very own semi truck? Have you spent a long time dreaming about leaving your current job and spending your days driving across the country, enjoying the scenery and the freedom of the wide, open road? If so, read on for 3 very good reasons why right now is the time to take that leap and buy a semi truck.

  • Don't Get Stuck With A Lemon: What To Look Out For When Buying A Used Turbocharged Car

    3 June 2015

    Turbocharged cars are a lot of fun. All things being equal, they make far more power than their naturally aspirated counterparts, especially when it comes to low-end and mid-range torque. However, the problem with any high-performance car is the possibility that it was driven into the ground by its previous owner. Here's how to gauge the condition of your next used car before you make a purchase, with an emphasis on issues to look for with turbocharger systems.